Forum Thread: How to Be Better at Drawing

We all started with small circles and big circles. We all wanted to draw ourselves in front of the mirror but sometimes, instead of seeing our faces on our drawing pad, we see an unfamiliar doodle. How to be better at drawing? Read along.

Step 1: Start with Lines

Every famous piece of art started with a rough draft. Practice drawing stick figures of basically anything. The more you draw, the more you get the hang of drawing, thus expanding your creativity.

Step 2: Draw with Your Eyes

For realistic drawings, sometimes when you are drawing something, usually the mind interrupts and gives you its own version of what you're trying to draw. Try drawing with your eyes and resist the mind's suggestions.

Step 3: Practice!

The more you draw, the more you get a feel of what your personal style is when it comes to art. It may be unique and remain in the abstract class, but when it starts to look good and better, the more you'll appreciate yourself and the improvements you've made.

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