Forum Thread: How to Convert Scanned Pics to Pixels

How do I make pixel based images to use for mosaic art?

I am only so conversant with images on the Web and have done some ECDL Adv and Basic Photoshop in a Therapy Suite, ECDL Adv in a Community Drop in Barnsley. Am disabled after a deluded attack victim ordeal. I do mosaics that charity say they can sell for therapy. I need to know how to break screened pictures, portraits, down to pixels. How do I do this in Minecraft? One lined was promising, but I lost it.

T Allott Hope for Repl Barnsley Yorkshire

Hope you can reply on this. Sorry for the error in text above. Screen has gone funny on me. Blurs then shows. I am managing tomorrow with what I have, to use a book design of a girl and web grid to do a mosaic and have to learn to cut tiles more specifically and get better at using same level tiles and grouting. But would love pixels for future ref and to use with library book designs I have.


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I have had a block on one link to pixel art maybe due to putting I was a crime victim ordeal. Sadly people in this life are not ethical often and lie, and veiled lies cover up often bad behaviour. They say such an ordeal as deluded victim would not happen, people are nice and kind, but that is not true. Please restore my link and know the ghoulie link to pixel art I do not understand, and my computer does not do photoshop. I will try to find photoshop and ask team on line how to make scanned art in to pixels. thanks Tracy Allott Barnsley England, stop illegal blocknig and slander of name of anyone revealing innocent vulnerability if poss, thanks

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