How To: Draw a pot leaf cartoon character

Draw a pot leaf cartoon character

This video demonstrates how to draw a pot leaf cartoon character. Begin with the eyes. Draw two circles side by side. Draw a slightly curved line in the center of each of the circles. This creates the upper lid. Draw a small half circle on the right side below the lid and then a small half circle in the center of that half circle. Fill in the larger half circles. This creates the iris and pupil. To finish the eye, draw a curved accent line in the white part below the lid. Create a simple nose by drawing a small curved line below the eyes. Next, draw a small curved check mark below the nose to create the mouth. Draw seven curved lines extending from the center that will be the center line of each leaf. Around each of the center lines, create a jagged leaf outline. Between the bottom two leaves, draw the stem extending downward. Now go back and add accents. Shade in the eyes slightly. Add hatch marks to the center lines of the leaves. To finish it off, add a speech bubble that says "High!" Your finished product is a cute pot leaf cartoon.

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