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News : My Improve Your Room Design Entry

Hi, WonderHowTo! Recently, I entered the Improve Your Room Design Contest! Unfortunately, it's closed now, but I wanted to share some ideas, and see what this great community at WonderHowTo has to offer in terms of feedback! I've really tried hard at making a clever small spa ...more

Font-Face : Design a Typeface with Your Mug

If you've ever used a font editing program to create a font, you know that one generally shapes the various forms by arranging points on a screen with a mouse. But what if those points were controlled by something other than fine motor skills? Andy Clymer of high profile type ...more

News : The Evolution of the Batmobile

Sometimes ads are good for something. Such as documenting every single batmobile EVER, and publishing as a massive infographic. Comic book nerds, rejoice: See it larger here. Previously, Obsessive $1,000,000+ Batmobile Replica.

News : It's On Like Holiday Kong

Happy Holidays from everyone at WonderHowTo! Have a wonderful Christmas, and an amazing New Year. 8-Bit artwork “It’s on like Holiday Kong” by Carlos Leituga.

News : Free! Drawing Lessons From the New York Times

Drawing is a craft that becomes art when combined with an idea. It is a skill that comes naturally to some; for others it is a slower, more painful process. But the truth is, anybody with patience and discipline can learn to draw. Learn the principles of line, perspective, pro ...more

Illusion Revealed : The Moiré Mind Trip

Beautiful textile illusion by artist Timur Si-Qin! How Does it Work? This specific style of pattern is known as moiré. According to Wikipedia, moiré "is an interference pattern created when two grids are overlaid at an angle, or when they have slightly different mesh sizes." ...more

News : Get Your Portrait Drawn in 1 Minute or Less

Melbourne-based graphic designer Benjamin Hammond just launched a site called One Minute Portraits, where the artist draws quick portraits in less than a minute. It works like this: email a photo of yourself, Hammond creates the portrait, and you can choose to buy the original ...more

News : Pencil + Camera Mashup

Drawing is a popular here at Wonderhowto, as is photography. Put the two together and...voila, enter Ben Heine. Heine is an Ivory coast born artist who is garnering some attention these days. His mashup is elegant, not unlike the art of Sleeveface. And truth be told, the comb ...more

News : "Star Wars Fridays" in the Office, Please

Casual Fridays is so yesterday. Ignore the pretentiously relaxed dotcom dress code. Mock the jean-clad Wall Street bankers racing to grab a seat on the Hampton Jitney. Let's return Friday to a proper dress code. It's time to honor the greatness of George Lucas. Fashion illust ...more

News : Get High Without Taking Drugs

I recently went to see a friend's group show at the San Antonio Museum of Art, Psychedelic: Optical and Visionary Art since the 1960s (it's a great show- if there are any Texans reading right now, don't miss it. It's up until August). A couple of mind bending op art paintings ...more

News : R-Rated Golden Books (For Adults Only)

Pixar animation artist Josh Cooley presents a series of drawings based on R-Rated movies in the style of G-Rated Golden Books (you remember, the children's books your parents probably read to you as a kid). Keep an eye on Cooley - his book, Movies R Fun, should be coming out l ...more

News : Nope, This Is NOT a Black and White Photograph

Paul Lung requires nothing but a 0.5 mm technical graphite pencil, plus one sheet of A2 paper to create a nearly perfectly hand drawn facsimile of a photograph. The 38-year-old graphic designer of Hong Kong spends up to 60 hours on each labor intensive drawing. Self Portrait o ...more

News : Spooky Disembodied Lips, Tongues, and Spit Bubbles

Artist Julia Randall's photorealistic colored pencil drawings of disembodied lips, tongues, and spit bubbles kinda give me the creeps (in a perfectly good way, of course). Nicely done work. Makes me want to pick up a set of colored pencils and start drawing... Previously, Me ...more

News : Meticulously Hand Drawn Photorealistic Hair-Art

Amazing series of charcoal/graphite drawings and oil paintings by Hong Chun Zhang. "Twin Spirits are large charcoal hair drawings, self-portraits of my twin sister and me. I use long hair to exaggerate our major characteristic and as a metaphor to reveal something that is bey ...more

News : Mouse Point Tracker Art

Interesting collection of works by designer Anatoly Zenkov. Zenkov's Flickr set shows several images created by "using a simple java applet to track his mouse while working, black circles are pointer stops (not clicks)". Do-it-yourself.

News : Draw With Fire

Tobias Kipp and Timo Pitkämö have taken the art of pyrography into the streets. The two German artists practice street portraiture with an unusual twist. Swapping a pencil or paintbrush for a sparkler, they draw portraits with fire in the amount of time it takes the sparkler ...more

News : Freehand Circle Drawing World Champion

Wait for it, wait for it... it happens really fast... at right about 1:05. Okay, maybe he's not a world champion, but a very cool party trick nonetheless. Here's one way to do it (not quite as perfect as our world champion above): Video: Draw perfect freehand circles!.

News : Pyro-Spirograph-Drawings

Rosemarie Fiore is badass. She makes art with pyrotechnics, amusement park rides, Atari, guns, and pinball machines. Though all of her work is cool, I have to say my favorite piece is Fiore's larger than life spirograph, made from an amusement park ride, entitled "Good Time Mi ...more

News : Deadly Funny Fly Art

At WonderHowTo we've drowned and revived a fly, we've flown fly-powered aircrafts, and now we are inspired to make our own Dead-Fly-Art. Incredibly clever fly-comics from Acid Cow:

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