Font-Face: Design a Typeface with Your Mug

Design a Typeface with Your Mug

If you've ever used a font editing program to create a font, you know that one generally shapes the various forms by arranging points on a screen with a mouse. But what if those points were controlled by something other than fine motor skills? Andy Clymer of high profile type foundry Hoefler & Frere-Jones was interested in exploring alternative methods for how a typeface is developed; hence, "font-face" was born.

Font-face employs facial recognition to control the design parameters of a font. In the video above, Andy demonstrates by transforming typeface Ideal Sans with facial movements in realtime. The project was created using Kyle McDonald's FaceOSC library, GlyphMath from RoboFab, and Tal Leming's Vanilla.

Vimeo commenter Kyle McDonald says: "I wonder what would happen if you let this run on each character as you typed up some document?"

What are the other possibilities? Weigh in below.

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