How To: Design and draw an architectural bridge house

Design and draw an architectural bridge house

Take a lesson in architecture from renowned architect Doug Patt by watching this video tutorial. If you want to learn about drawing and designing, without going to school, Doug's just the teacher. Watch to see how to design and draw an architectural bridge house.

In this episode of Design a Dwelling, see where Doug designs a home. Other than a medieval anomaly or a draw bridge with a small structure for operation, it's not very likely you'll see a house built on a bridge any time soon. With that in mind, this bridge site at the Grand Canyon is perfect for a house. Any building placed on this structure would be able to take advantage of the thrilling view, and if designed properly, the vista would be completely unobstructed.

Doug did some thinking about the building and he liked the analogy of creating a home that is something like a cork to a wine bottle. In simple terms, just as a cork is round and fits the round neck of a bottle, the house would be rectangular, fitting the rectangular cut out shape of the structure.

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