Forum Thread: How to Draw Best Zentangle Tutorial for Beginners

In the first step draw 2 circles with the help of a compass one slightly smaller than the other.

Step 1: In the Second Step Draw Some Random Lines and Divide the Circle into Some Random Portions or You Can Follow the Lines I Did in My Art Piece.

Step 2: In the First Portion Start Making Circles One by One. And Draw Outlines with a Bold Marker.

Step 3: Start Drawing Black Stripes and Draw Alternate Zigzag Lines in Between.

Step 4: Draw Alternate Circles as Shown in the Picture.

Step 5: Draw Alternate Semi Circles in the Small Portions as Shown in the Picture.

Step 6: Follow the Pattern and Colour Boxes and Leave 2 Boxes in Between

Step 7: Make Remaning Patterns as Given in the Remaining Pictures.

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