How To: Design and draw with lead like an architect

Design and draw with lead like an architect

Take a lesson in architecture from renowned architect Doug Patt by watching this video tutorial. If you want to learn about drawing and designing, without going to school, Doug's just the teacher. Watch to see how to design and draw with lead like an architect.

In this episode, Doug will be creating an abstract pencil rendering of machine parts. He'll be using a .5mm Pentel mechanical pencil with HB leads. You can also use a slightly larger diameter lead with a .7mm pencil, but thinner lines are good. The other type of pencil you may choose is a lead holder drafting pencil. These are a little trickier because you've got to keep them sharpened.

He'll also be using 4 different lead pencils. These are all Staedtler Mars Lumograph pencils. There's the 2h, the lightest and hardest he will be using, an HB which is the typical hardness on most pencils, and a 2b and 4b, both progressively softer and darker. He'll be using a small sized adjustable triangle, a ruler and drafting tape. He also has some templates he really like to use as well as a compass, an electric eraser and metal eraser shield.

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