How To: Do a line drawing of a cartoon chicken

Do a line drawing of a cartoon chicken

the video starts out with Joe talking you through the basic steps in how to draw or sketch a chicken. Starting with the eyes, shaped like to ovals, side-by-side, touching. Drawing a curved line all the way across each one to represent the eyelids and two small dots to form the eyes. Next draw a sharp curved line down from the eyes forming the beak, with a c like shape towards the back, connecting back to the eyes completing the formation of the beak. Draw an upside down, narrow heart at the back of the c formation to form the side of the face. Starting from the top of the head in the middle of the eyes, draw another heart like shape, but using three humps as opposed to two and not connecting back to the eyes. Next draw two downward curved lines above each eye to form the eyebrows. From the bottom of your open three humped heart, we will now form the neck. Draw a line down and then over toward the two humped heart doing the same thing on the other side of the heart, starting from the bottom of the mouth. Starting from the back of the chicken draw a jagged shape like a serrated knife to form one of the wings. Starting from the front of the bird, draw a half circle connecting to the previously drawn wing. Above the wing, draw three peaks to represent the tail feathers, starting and connecting back to the wing. On the other side of the body draw the other wing and two lines in the middle of the body, one above the other with a slight curvature facing down. Now to the feet, draw two lines side-by-side, then draw the letter c facing up, going back up and back to the other side of the leg. Now repeat this for the other leg, but this time the letter c will be facing backwards. Draw a couple of stripes on the legs and sign your name and your done.

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