How To: Draw a floppy-eared cartoon dog

Draw a floppy-eared cartoon dog

Dogs are a cartoonist's best friend because it's funny to see them in every day situations. So grab some paper and a pen and get ready to draw your own cartoon dog.You will need a pad of paper, pencil, a marker, colored chalks or colored pencils, and an eraser. Make a shape like a thick boomerang or bent sausage. On the left end, draw a giant oval for a nose, leaving a white space to show shininess. Draw the eyes large and round like 2 ping pong balls, one a little bit behind the other. This is called overlapping. Draw 2 black circles inside for pupils, and thick eyebrows, one floating off the entire head. Use your marker to draw over your pencil lines, stopping below the eyes. Under the nose, draw line coming down, touching the bottom line and then come back up again. Draw circles or dots and lines for whiskers. Draw two lines for a neck, and draw a dark thick line where the head meets the neck to create a shadow. Draw a few lines for hair. Draw a large floppy ear from the top of head, coming down past neck. Draw a thick collar around his neck and erase pencil lines. Add color. Brown works well for his ear and spots. Purple is a good color for his collar. Draw a tongue and color it red. Watch this how to video and you will be able to draw a cartoon dog.

Draw a floppy-eared cartoon dog

Draw a floppy-eared cartoon dog Click through to watch this video on

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