How To: Draw and paint a Mecha style robot

Draw and paint a Mecha style robot

If you want to draw and paint a robot Mecha style you should first make a square and color this in a dark gray. Draw a silhouette in a darker gray color. You should draw basic body parts such as the head, arms and limbs and shoulder. You should draw this with simple dark layers. In the face, you can draw a different or cool complex design. You can also make the background darker and make shadows. To distinguish the figure from the background color the figure a dark dull blue. Now you need to zoom out and shade with light blue to figure out what you want to the be the focus and on the focal point. What ever is closest to the camera, make this darker. Now, add highlights to the face and make the robot look more metallic and plastic. Also add in a yellow color to make the eyes glow. Use a soft brush so the paint comes out thinner when you outline. You can use colors to separate various elements out such as black to help the audience distinguish. Use an almost black color to do this. Now you want to make the robot look more rounded and use the soft brush to push back the background!

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