How To: Draw anime character Sasuke step by step

Draw anime character Sasuke step by step

Here is a very easy method to draw a Sasuke in a step by step process by the artist Jack of Jill. First draw a circle for the head part. Then draw two lines crossing through the circle to match the eye part. At the bottom draw a small triangle similar to chin. Now draw the real cheeks. Now draw a stick figure showing its body and hands. Draw other circle touching down to the first one. Now connect the circle with his hands to make his arms. Draw neck portion, so that it touches the shoulders. Add outfit to it in the top part by drawing a oval one, so that the outfit portion could be made easily. Add eyes, nose and smile on his face. Draw the hair portion with head band. Color his eyes and brighten the outline. Erase the unwanted lines. Give an attractive color to his outfit. Now the awesome Sasuke is ready.

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