How To: Draw an anime Fox Furry

Draw an anime Fox Furry

This video shows how to draw an anime Fox Furry. First, draw the outline of the face, neck and straight-up ears. Then draw the eyes with eyebrows and make them prominent, to look nice and real. Then draw the nose and mouth. Then give borders and shades to ears to look prominent. Then outline and draw the hairs over the head, a little on the face and also side hairs. Then for finalizing the eye part, adding pupils to the eyes to look a little real, and more bordering the eyebrows. Then, draw the shoulders through the neck, and also draw the front body with chest and sides. Then draw the outline of both the hands from the shoulder and a little more hair at both sides. Then broader the outline of both the sides of the body and waist. Then complete the right arm curved towards the face as support from the elbow, as to look like as to thinking of something, and draw the elbow finally. Then draw the left arm outline. Then draw the sleeves of the shirt. Then draw the skirt outline and complete from waist till the ends. Then complete the right and left hands curved with fingers. Then finally give shades to the skirt from the ends. Then draw the outline of the tail of the fox furry, and shade the tail from the ends to look a little real. Finally, label the sketch as Fox Furry!

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