How To: Draw an anime or manga female in motion

Draw an anime or manga female in motion

This video goes back to basics, using regular pencil, pen and colored pencils to create a manga female figure. He begins by drawing basic lines and shapes of the torso with pencil, then adding legs, arms and marking the joints. He adds detail to the body and fills in the shapes of the muscles. He then adds the head shape and fills in the facial details and hair before adding detail to the hands and fingers. He continues with the clothing, before going over all the lines with a black ink pen. He draws in a background scene and then uses colored pencils to fill in his drawing. The video is played at regular speed at the beginning of each step in the process, and then speeds up while the artist completes his work. The finished product has detail and shading and looks like it is from a comic book. This is a good tutorial for artists interesting in drawing manga or any type of comics.

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