How To: Draw a baseball player hitting a home run ball

Draw a baseball player hitting a home run ball

Can't figure out what you love best? Baseball or art? Well, combine your two favorite pastimes and draw a baseball player. You can even create your own baseball cards if you want to go the extra step. But in this video, you'll specifically learn how to draw a baseball player hitting the ball (batter's stance).

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From Merrill Kazanjian:

"This video will teach you how to draw a baseball player…I demonstrate how to break images down in to smaller shapes and how to draw from observation. I demonstrate how to make construction lines to draw realistically and place the "shapes" together correctly. The baseball player is in a batting stance (swinging a bat and hitting a baseball). I use a set of pencils (HB, 2B, 4B, 6B Graphite Stick) to do the drawing and shading and a tortillion (blending stump) and a paintbrush to help build tones and blend realistic textures"

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