How To: Draw Bowser from Bowser's Inside Story

Draw Bowser from Bowser's Inside Story

This video illustrates how to draw Bowser from Bowser's inside story. Here are the following steps:

Step 1: First of all take a sheet of paper and pencil and start drawing the character.

Step 2: Draw a big "W" and again draw a outline of this and within this W draw two eyes representing the head of the character .

step 3: Now on the top of the head draw horny structure in a queue.

Step 4: now draw a "U" as the lower body extending from the neck and intersect this u with horizontal lines representing the scales on the body.

Step 5: From the bottom of U draw legs of creature with padded feet.

Step 6: From the upper body draw two big hands .

Step 7: Now draw horns on the back of the creature.

Step 8: Color the whole picture .

Thats it.

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