How To: Draw a boy using the letters B-O-Y

Draw a boy using the letters B-O-Y

This video shows how to a draw a boy wearing glasses using the letters b, o and y. First, write the three letters in the middle of your page, in lowercase, leaving about a letter space between each. Write the letters so they form the word boy. Next, take the tail of the y and drag it all the way over to the beginning of the b. Do this in a curve shape, it will create the bottom of the face. Next, from the top of the b draw another curved line back to the far edge of the top of the y. Draw another line from the closer top edge of the y back to about a quarter of the way down from the top of the b. This forms the hair. Next, draw a curved line to connect the middle of the circle of the b with the middle of the o. This creates glasses. Put a dot in the middle of each letter to give him eyes. Then, draw another curved line from the o to the way to make the sides of the glasses. Draw a smiley face and nose under the glasses and you are done!

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