How To: Draw broly

Draw broly

In this how to video, you will learn how to draw Broly. First, start out with an oval shape for the face. Next, add another for the ear. From here, you can add the neck, shoulders, and chest. Next, draw numerous spikes for the hair. The basic outline is complete. Go into the drawing with more detail by adding lines inside the spikes to simulate hair strands. Add the eyebrows, eyes, nose, and mouth. Next, draw in the muscles of the shoulders and chest. Add the outline of the necklace. Now you are ready to color the drawing. Use yellow to color in the spikes. The eyes should be green. Go into the hair with a darker yellow to create shading. Next, find a flesh color to fill in the body and face. Use a darker shade to create the shading around the muscles. Lastly, fill in the jewel of the necklace with a blue color and add a light blue color for highlights. You can color the background blue if you want. If you do, fill in the area around Broly with a lighter blue. Your drawing is complete.

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