How To: Draw Calumon from Digimon

Draw Calumon from Digimon

In this how to video, you will learn how to draw Calumon from Digimon. First, start off with two circles for the head and body. Next, add the ears and oval shapes for the feet. From here, you can trace these shapes to create a more accurate depiction of Calumon. Go into the face and two ovals for the eyes. Draw two ovals inside the ovals for the pupils. Fill it in with black. You can also add a circle at the top of each eye to create a highlight. Next, draw a border in the interior of the ear. Next, draw the star design at the top center of teh head. Draw an oval shape and a line inside for the mouth and tongue. Draw a line across each foot for the detailing. Color in the hands with a black color. Now fill in the iris with a green color for each eye. Color the design on the head with a red color. Color the outside of the ears and feet with a purple color. Color in the mouth an tongue with these colors. Make sure the inside of the mouth is lighter than the tongue. Lastly, shade in the body with a light gray color. Your drawing is now complete.

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