How To: Draw cartoon faces

Draw cartoon faces

In this tutorial, we learn how to draw cartoon faces with Eric Merced. First, start off by drawing a round circle, but keep the pencil light and make a bunch of marks. Then, draw a line over the face to mark where the eyes will be, then draw in the hair and ear. Darken your pencil when you draw the things that will stay, such as the eyes, nose, hair, and eyes. Draw a couple lines for the neck, then shade in. For a different face, draw a line as the center of the face, followed by three other lines where the nose, mouth, and eyes will go. Now, angle the face at a v-shape around the chin. Now, draw in your eyes and erase the line that was around it. Also draw in ears, a mouth, and a nose. When you are done, erase any light lines, then you're done! Remember these tips for all faces you draw and you will be able to make a range of faces.

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