How To: Draw a cartoon fox head

Draw a cartoon fox head

Here is an easy way to draw a cartoon fox. First draw a imperfect circle which is similar to face. Then draw ears which is curve shaped, sharp at its edges. Then draw its mouth part. The upper jaw must be bigger than the lower one. Now move to the eye part joining from the mouth part. Draw teeth and to make more attractable draw whiskers on each side. Draw an attractive belt in the neck side and in order to look real, draw hair portion on the head part and also on the side edges. Now erase the circle drawn at first stage. Now make it colorful by applying suitable colors. Care should be taken that the color should not overwrite the sketches. It is good to give yellow based color to face and body part. Grey shade to ear part and nose with some light pink color. Give dark color to the belt and light blue to eyes. So now an attractive cartoon fox is ready.

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