How To: Draw cartoon pirates

Draw cartoon pirates

Webcartoonist shows us how to draw cartoon pirates. Begin with crown of the hat (based on Long John Silver from "Treasure Island"). Start with half-moon shape. The pirate carried a parrot on his shoulder. Begin the parrot's comb, eyes, & head about level with the brim of the pirate's hat. Directly under brim of hat, near center, draw pirate's eyes & nose. Beginning from side opposite the parrot, fill in pirate's facial features. Draw pirate's coat. Add pirate's sleeve, with cuffs & ornamentation. Working across from sleeve's cuff, add pirate's belt & gun. Draw parrot's feet even with pirate's opposite shoulder. Draw in pirate's other arm, leaving room to add crutch. Fill in details for pirate's coat, shirt, belt, & pants. Below pants, add one leg extending into a shoe, & one peg leg. On same side as peg leg, fill in crutch. Long John Silver is complete. He needs mates. To the side of pirate & slightly lower than his eyes, draw another set of eyes & a nose. Draw first mate's bandana just above his eyes. Fill in facial features, jawline, & neck. Sketch in mate's shirt & hand. Draw sword extending upwards from mate's hand. Connect hand to mate by filling in his torso & legs. Add shoes, & style clothing. First mate is complete. On opposite side from first mate, draw another set of eyes/nose parallel with first mate's. Add hat & hair for second mate. Fill in jaw line & torso. Add pants. Add second mate's arm & hand. Complete shoes. Lightly outline desired features with yellow for braiding on jackets & pirate's sword. Lightly brush drawing with water. Add blue highlights to Long John's hat, coat, & pants. Add blue highlights to other pirates' pants. Add brown highlights to pirates' faces, hands, & legs. Add brown to Long John's crutch & peg leg, & pirate's shoes. Add yellow highlights to pirate's pants. Add red highlights to pirate clothing & Long John's shirt. Brush Long John's shirt with water. Add red to second mate's shirt & to pirate faces to bring out more color.

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