How To: Draw a cartoon police officer or soldier

Draw a cartoon police officer or soldier

This video tutorial demonstrates how to draw a cartoon soldier or police officer. Begin with outline of an elongated face. Right above his nose, draw a small brim of his hat. Continue with the brim, adding the hat band and the top of the hat shaped somewhat like a bowl. In front of his face, draw his arm bent upward so his hand is appearing to salute. Add in shoulder patches. Next, draw his other arm bent in at his side. Add his belt buckle at the center of his waist. Now draw medals and accents on his uniform including the start of a flag pole he is holding. Draw the outline of his chest. Add a belt on either side of the buckle. Finish his top by adding a flared bottom section below the belt. Now move on to the pants and shoes. His waist area is thicker, so continue that shape for his hips. His legs are straight lines and his shoes have pointed toes with a small heel. Continue the flag pole down by his leg and then up above his head. Add the flag with curved lines to give it the appearance of waving. Now go back over your sketch and darken your lines. Shade areas such as the belt, shoes, and pants. Add details to your flag. Finish it off with your signature.

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