How To: Draw cartoons in flash

Draw cartoons in flash

This is Cartoonsmart's introductory lesson on how to draw using vector illustration Flash CS4, CS3 or Flash 8.

Cartoonsmart has an artist draw a cartoon figure of a mad professor explaining each detail as he moves along with the drawing. Most importantly providing you with the appropriate settings to help you understand what you are working with before you start. His lesson is intended for anyone who is interested in getting started and wants to see each step clearly. He gives a simple to understand education on the tools used to create this animation, as well as some helpful tips and tricks of the trade.

Tutorial includes:
- Basic settings to streamline your animation proses.
- Import JPEG's
- Create layers
- Collar fill
- Add shadow
- Using simple shapes
- Filters
- Tinting objects.
- Properly using you're tools
- Organizing files.

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