How To: Draw a Chibi InuYasha

Draw a Chibi InuYasha

InuYasha is a Japanese manga series that follows a time-traveling high school student, a half-demon, a lecherous monk, fox demon, demon slayer, and nekomata. It takes place during the Sengoku period as they seek to find the fragments or the Jewel of Four Souls. InuYasha is the half-demon. DragoArt has this video tutorial on how to draw a Chibi InuYasha. Get more detailed instructions on the step-by-step cartoon drawing here.

Whenever you want to draw "chibi style", you have to keep some things in mind. First off, your chibi characters need to look like the real full size character that you are going to draw. When you have a chibi in mind you will then draw it out to have a small body, short limbs, and a square like face. The eyes are modified to look bigger and there is no nose, just a mouth. This chibi version of InuYasha is a fun "little" character.

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