How To: Draw a complex levels garden with a walkway

Draw a complex levels garden with a walkway

In our hectic everyday world of coffee, office cubicles, kids, and soul destroying commutes, it's nice - and often necessary - to have a peaceful, safe haven we can come back to and just be ourselves in. Unfortunately, for those who live in overcrowded cities, that place is not home. What's worse is that most apartment buildings and even condos don't have garden space for you to calm your mind in.

So what's the next best thing to having a real garden? Drawing one. Okay, that sounds a little bit sad, but drawing means you'll be doing something artistic for a few hours, which will take your mind off other stressors. And drawing a tranquil garden, as you'll see, can be almost as relaxing as having a real one. Watch the video for the how-to.

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