How To: Draw a cute anime mermaid

Draw a cute anime mermaid

This is a video tutorial showing its audience how to draw an anime mermaid. The first step in drawing an anime mermaid is to gather your supplies. For this drawing you will need a photoshop type of program. Next you can open up the program. First you will need to open a new window and color it white. Then you can begin drawing. Then you can draw the head and the eyes and mouth first. Next you should draw the body. Next you should draw the mermaid's fin with your drawing tool. When you are finished drawing then you can color your mermaid by using the paint tool and by changing the paint brush color to fit your drawing. In order to make your drawing more real you should focus on the small details like the mermaid's face and her scales on her fins. Finally to finish flatten the image and save it as a file name of your choice.

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