How To: Draw Darth Vader from "Star Wars"

Draw Darth Vader from "Star Wars"

Darth Vader is the legendary sci-fi character from the Star Wars movies. Everyone has heard of the Star Wars Trilogy, right? The older ones from the 70's? Darth Vader is the primary antagonist from those intergalactic space flicks. DragoArt has this video tutorial on how to draw Darth Vader from "Star Wars". Get more detailed instructions on the step-by-step cartoon drawing here.

His real name is Anakin Skywalker. He has a son and daughter that are considered rebels, named Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Skywalker. The story takes place in space where Princess Leia is being held captive because she is a part of the rebel alliance. Darth Vader wasn't always the mean one though. In fact he started off as a sweet kid that was brought up by his mother who loved him very much. It wasn't until the council started to seek out young Anakin Skywalker because as the prophecy went, a boy will be born with out being created by a male counterpart. That was exactly what they found as slaves in the service of Watto, a junk dealer. As a young boy, he was an engineering prodigy that built his first protocol droid called C3PO. As he got older he was taught the way of the force and became a very powerful Jedi. He fell in love with the young and beautiful Queen Amidala. It wasn't until he was lied to that the Queen was killed which enraged the young Jedi and pushed him to the Darkside. After being sucked in to the evil force he was then known to be Darth Vader one of Americas infamous villains of all time. This awesome tutorial will show you how to draw Darth Vader, step-by-step, with easy to read instructions. Have fun.

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