How To: Draw a dead fox

Draw a dead fox

You need a pen and a white sheet of paper. First of all start by drawing the outline of the head of the fox. Now you have to draw the outline of the grass on which the fox head is resting. Make many cross lines inside the grass outline to indicate grass. Now draw the neck and the ear of the fox. Also draw the grass surrounding the head of the fox. Now sketch the body line of the fox. Make cross lines on the body of the fox. Draw the front legs of the fox. Draw the grass outside the fox's body. Then draw the third leg of the fox at the back such that the fox is laying over it. Now you have to draw the fourth leg such that it is spread across as shown. Draw the broad tail of the fox to meet the fourth leg and the outer body. Now shade in the body of the box. Also darken the fox outline as shown. At the last you have to draw more grass around the body of the fox. Now darken the fox outline at the face and the front legs. That's it.

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