How to Draw different types of anime/manga hair

In this tutorial, we learn how to draw different types of anime/manga hair. Different types of hair can completely change the look of a character. For example, if you are going to draw hair on a girl manga character, you will want to make it curly and long. Use long lines with bangs to make this hair look more realistic. For guy manga characters, you will want to add a lot of triangles to the hair to make it look like spikes all over and give him short bangs as well. Give each of these your unique touch and enjoy drawing!


i tohught u were gonna draw da eyes not draw hair
it looked kool though

Wow, You're a really good drawer!!
I hope to get one of your books soon!

its ok way he not draw the eye only the hair

the title READS:How to draw different types of anime/manga eyes
but the hair was great

Awesome hair.... im going gaga over you

thats really good! you helped me alot! :-*

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