How To: Draw Disney's Mushu from Mulan

Draw Disney's Mushu from Mulan

This video illustrate us how to draw Disney's Mushu from Mulan. Here are the following steps:

Step 1:first of all draw a oval representing the face and then from the face raw double "S" to form the body.

Step 2: From the lower end draw two legs with claws representing the feet.

Step 3: From the upper hand draw two hands with pointed fingers.

Step 4: Within the face draw two circles representing the eyes and below the eyes draw mouth and the mustaches extending the boundary of the face.

Step 5: Draw the nose and two small horns.

Step 6: Intersect the double "S" with and draw scales on one side.

Step 7: Complete by coloring the whole picture in brown.

Thats it

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