How To: Draw Donald Duck on your own

Draw Donald Duck on your own

This video illustrates the quick and easy method to Draw Donald Duck on your own . The process is comprised of the following steps:Step 1: Take a blank sheet of paper and a HB Bonded lead pencil.Step 2: Draw a face that resembles a duck's face. Make sure you don't make the ears too large as Donald Duck has got small ears.Step 3: Another point to consider is the length of the beak. Make sure it is elongated and oval shaped.Step 4: Now , make a oval shaped figure and shade it's outline to form a 3D effect. You have created Donald Duck's body. Make his tail which would resembles a small pipe.Step 5: His feet would be webbed and small. The feet can be colored yellow to make the figure attractive.That's it. You have successfully learnt the way to Draw Donald Duck on your own.

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