How To: Draw an eagle with an American flag

Draw an eagle with an American flag

Michael Weisner, a 2D illustrator and graphic designer teaches us how to draw a majestic Eagle on a waving American flag. To start, you should box in the area for the flag. It should be roughly centered on the page, add a bit of a wave to box to simulate the wind on a flag. Complete the rough outline with the flag pole on the left side. Now you can begin with the Eagle. Use an oval to draw the chest of the Eagle and allow you to easily place the wings and other important features. You should start with the left wing, being sure to include feather detail. Then you should move to the head and the right wing. Finally, draw the talons and begin detailing to make the Eagle look majestic. To really get an accurate Eagle you should look at a photo reference. Now it's time to complete the flag in the background. Start by drawing the box that contains the stars, and draw them in at equal intervals. Next you should draw in the 13 red and white stripes. Put in some curves here because the flag is waving. Finishing the drawing by adding some folds and you're done.

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