How To: Draw an elf ear

Draw an elf ear

Michael Weiner (2D Illustrator) explains that before drawing an elf ear, one should have a clean white sheet and a drawing utensil (HB Pencil). Especially a light graded pencil helps to save time. While drawing an elf ear one needs to draw the outer line of the ear i.e. to draw a small base of the ear. In the step, you would need to draw the point which connects the outer line of the ear for example, the outer line of a leaf. In the step, after completing the base of the ear, you would need to draw the inner ear which consists of a small semi-circle and a couple of dashes beside it. In the inner ear you can mark small lines and dots so that it looks better. In the final step you can add some details like earrings or a small piece of hair near the tip of the earring. If you follow the steps in this video, you could get some idea regarding your drawing.

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