How To: Draw an emo angel chibi character

Draw an emo angel chibi character

This video describes how to draw an emo-angel chibi. First draw eyebrows, make sure they are dark and thick, then draw half circles going down from them- these are the eyes. Then draw in the eyeballs centered in the middle of the eye. Next draw dark around the bottom of the eyes. Draw lines drooping coming from the darkness around the bottom of the eye, on both eyes. Next draw other dark lines coming down the forhead. Next draw a line coming down from both eyes, and curve them to make small cheeks. Then draw crazy hair that comes up, and goes down around her face. Next draw the arms coming down from the ckeeks, on each side, at a curve swooping downwards in a circular shape. Next draw a teddy bear head in between both her arms, along with circular dark eyes, and ear at the top. Make the teddy bears feet coming our of her arms at the bottom at an angle. Next from the side, draw one leg, that is almost touching the teddy bears leg, to make it look like she is sitting to the side. Draw dark stripes down her sleave. Next draw a dark colored skirt on the girl, with lines on the side, like there is lace. Then draw zig zagged lines on her legs that are going to be fish nets. Lightly shade in the teddy bears face. and its whole body. Next add a little more darkness to her hair. color most of her hair in darkly, leaving a couple spots not colored. Next draw lines around the girl making a puffy cloud. Put angels wings coming from behind her back. This will only show half of the wings on both sides. And then your done! You have an emo-angel chibi!

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