How To: Draw a face in graphite

Draw a face in graphite

First of all you need to draw the complete outline sketch by drawing very light color rough lines. Now you have to take your pen to start sketching the outline. First you have to start by drawing the sun glasses. Now draw the left eye. Now you have to draw the right eye, nose, the lips and the teeth. Now you have to draw the hair. Make the hair long. Then you have to darken the eyes and the eye lines. Now darken the eyebrows. Then draw the screws of the sunglasses at the side and then shade the glass portion. Now make the outline of the lips and darken the lips. Now apply some shade to the right side of the face. Darken the inner portion of the long hair. Shade the sun glasses. Shade under the eye portions and also under the nose. Now you have to shade under the neck. Now give finishing touches to the whole drawing. That’s' it.

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