How To: Draw a face with guide lines

Draw a face with guide lines

How to draw a face with guide linesIn this video we are about to see how to draw a face with guide lines. Even though the tutorial don't get into the full details of how to draw a face it guides us with the basics. To start with is drawing the outline of the face and the guide lines. The focus mainly is on placing the eyes, nose and lips on the right spots. The center vertical line to cut the head to two halves and horizontal line in the middle for our eyes. Draw horizontal lines for the nose and the lips. Every line somehow falls in the center. Draw the eyes first. Don't make it either large or so small and also don't make it round. Proceed with the nose and nostrils on nose line and the lips on the lip line. Then get on with the hair and eyebrows. That's it you are done in drawing a face with guide lines.

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