How To: Draw George "Dubya" Bush realistically step-by-step

Draw George "Dubya" Bush realistically step-by-step

Commemorate the worst president in history by drawing his face to a lifelike representation and then having a dart throwing contest with your homeboys at the bar! This drawing tutorial, which teaches you how to sketch the face of George W. Bush, or W, is an excellent way to hone your targeting and aiming skills.

Here are the steps you'll have to take to get W looking lifelike:
Step 1.) Observe, then draw the shape that you see. This will be President Bush's forehead. Notice that the eyebrow region is similar to how a child draws a bird.
Step 2.) Observe, then put in the two shapes for Dubya's hair. Take your time and compare the size of each shape.
Step 3.) Its time to put in Dubya's peepers.
Step 4.) In step four, add the bottom of the nose. Take your time to notice the spacing between the eye shapes and the line for the eye shapes and the line for the nose.
5.) Add the wrinkle lines to the side of the nose and President Bush's mouth. Notice that the region between the top lip and the bottom of the nose is trapezoidal. Also notice that the former President's top lip is extremely thin and that the bottom lip is only slightly thicker than the center part, where his teeth are.
Step 6.) Add the chin to your drawing.
Step 7.) Add the neck shape and the two ears. Don't stress too much about the shape of the neck, but know that most caricatures of the former President portray him with big ears. Democrats and Republicans can both agree that Dubya has some prominent cartilage on the side of his head.
Step 8.) Add the teeth. Be sure to notice the strong shadow on the sides of the mouth but resist the urge to go too dark between each tooth.
Step 9.) Spend some extra time on step 9. Add in President Bush's eyes and eyebrows. His eyes seem smaller than the average person and there is slightly less space between them than most people.

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