How To: Draw a guardian angel

Draw a guardian angel

If you want to draw a guardian angel you should first start by drawing the facial features of the guardian angel. Start with the eyes and then add the eyebrows. From here, add in the rest of the face shape along with lips and nose. Next, you should draw the neck and the arms and torso. You can have the guardian angel holding their hand up or a tool if you want. Also, the other can you can draw a shield that is about as twice as wide as the torso being held off to the side of the angel. Next, you should draw the legs and the feet. Make sure you shape the hip area well as well as give definition to the knee! Next, after finishing the body shape, you should draw on the clothes and garments you want. Make sure you shade them to provide the effect that they have movement. Next, you can add the detail to the body and to the garments as well as details to the accessories. Next, you should draw the hair and add the shape into the head as well. Shade around the neck and the hair to add detail. Next, you should then, extending from the middle of the head, draw the angel wings and a halo atop the head. Remember on the feet to add on shoes and give these detail now too. The wings should extend all the way down from the top of the head and above down all the way to the feet!

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