How To: Draw a hand making a "peace sign"

Draw a hand making a "peace sign"

Hands are a tricky thing to draw. Not everybody can get them right. It takes times and practice to draw hands realistically. This particular tutorial will show you how to draw a hand making a "peace sign". Make sure to pause the video after each step and look at the screen every few seconds while you are drawing.

Check out the step-by-step instructions.

"This video will specifically focus on the peace sign hand gesture. I broke the process down into simple steps and I went the "extra mile" to make sure that EVERYONE could do it, even if you haven't had much experience with art. The link [above] will take you to a web page with step-by-step instructions and a PDF Book that you could download and print for free… Let's get ready to draw!"

--Merrill Kazanjian

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