How To: Draw the human figure

Draw the human figure

The video shows us a how to draw a human figure in a very simple manner. It is done using a pencil. First, you draw the axis lines both horizontal and vertical with a very light shade. Now start drawing the upper right part and lower left part simultaneously so that you can get a rough shape of both the top and the bottom of the human figure. Then start drawing the face of the figure very lightly and then darken the shades of the figure which you had done previously. The shades are made darker gradually, and by doing so you will get an idea of what you need to do to make the figure more realistic. Then draw the left over parts of the body like the chest, limbs, abdomen and arms and start shading them using your pencil sensibly. Then use a much darker pencil to give the outline of the figure, which will give the figure more originality. And as a final touch up start giving darker shades to all the parts of the body.

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