How To: Draw Kaname Kuran from Vampire Knight

Draw Kaname Kuran from Vampire Knight

First of all you have the draw the outline sketch of the body. Draw the head, neck, shoulders and then the upper portion of the body. Now draw the long hair. You have to darken the eyes and the eyebrows. Now darken the outline of the face, hair, ears and the lips. Now draw the collar in the neck. Draw the tie below the collar. Then you have to draw the front portion of the shirt with buttons. Draw the collar of the coat and the top pocket. Now darken the outline of the cat and then draw the crease marks on the elbow bends. Draw the buttons on the coat. Now you have to make a new outline inside the previous one. This new outline must be more dark and also a little inside than the previous one. Now you have to extra darken the collar buttons and the collar. Apply red color to the tie. Erase out the first outline you made. Apply dark brown color on the hair. Apply pale yellow color on the face. Apply a little grey color on the middle of the coat. That's it.

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