How To: Draw Kenpachi from magna series, Bleach

Draw Kenpachi from magna series, Bleach

Learn how to draw Kenpachi Zaraki from the manga series, Bleach. "Drawing Now" teaches fans of the manga series, Bleach how to draw a sketch of the character Kenpachi Zaraki. You will need: a drawing pencil, colored pencils/markers, and a basic idea of how Kenpachi looks. Start by drawing a lighter, erasable outline of Kenpachi (this is so mistakes can easily be fixed before bringing in more color). Using a darker color (preferably black), trace over the lines you wish to keep in the drawing and fill in more details, such as Kenpachi's facial features, shoes, etc. Erase the lighter outline and any other stray marks you don't wish to have in the final drawing. Let's make this drawing come to life now! Using your colored pencils/markers, fill in Kenpachi's hair, robes, etc. You may color Kenpachi as you wish!

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