How To: Draw a landscape scenery

Draw a landscape scenery

This video is a free drawing lesson on how to draw landscape scenery.
• Draw a baseline or a horizontal line in the middle of the paper.
• Across the baseline draw slope of 2 hills along the river bed and mark a line showing uplifted area on the upper portion of the paper above the river.
• In the bottom half of the paper, first mark the structure of small houses with roof, door, window etc.
• In the left side bottom draw a bridge and little vegetation around it.
• Then shade the roof of the houses and draw small pocket roads in between houses.
• Draw buildings on the opposite side of the river on the upper part of the paper.
• Shade the river flowing downward.
• Give darker shades to the walls of houses. Then give shading to the soil in the low land.
• Draw birds flying in the sky on the top of building on the upper portion of the paper.

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