How To: Draw manga eyes four different ways

Draw manga eyes four different ways

In this video, Mark Crilley presents viewers with four ways to draw anime eyes. The first set of eyes has an intense look to the them, with the face tilted slightly while the eyes are staring at the viewer. Eyebrows are added in a sloping manner in order to create a more dramatic effect and drawing attention to the eyes. The next set of eyes are more hexagonal in shape and look downwards while wide open, creating more of a surprised expression. Thick eyebrows framing the eyes also bring attention to the eyes. The third pair of eyes are smaller and more trapezoidal in nature with thin eyebrows, giving a more serious, determined look to the character. Finally, the fourth set of eyes are medium in size and are rimmed with curved, sloping eyebrows, giving an intense expression to your anime character.

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