How To: Draw Manic the Hedgehog

Draw Manic the Hedgehog

To draw Manic the Hedgehog, you should start by sketching a rough outline of the body, including Manic's hair. Once you have your sketch outline, start drawing over the outline with a darker line, including details like the eyes, nose, mouth, arms, hands, clothes and shoes. Once you have your final outline, go back and erase your initial rough sketch, so that your line drawing looks clean. Now that your line drawing is ready, you can start filling in with color! Start with Manic's green areas. Starting with his legs, color his tail, his hair and above his brow line. Don't forget to shade! His arms, mouth, inner ear, and his tummy should be skin tone. Manic's shirt and shoes are red. His cuffs and shades are gray, while his belt and tail are brown. Lastly, fill in black areas and add some extra shading for effect! Manic has come to life!

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