How To: Draw Master Chief from the video game, Halo

Draw Master Chief from the video game, Halo

First of all you have to draw the rough sketch using light color lines. You have to draw blocks to the size of helmet, chest, two arms, legs and boots. Now start from the helmet and draw the outline. Draw the glass for viewing. Draw the lines as shown on the helmet. Also darken the spots as shown. Now draw the chest guard. Draw the lines to make all the different straps and marks over the armor. You also have to draw a tank at behind. Make the arm and the gloves. Now draw the outline of a gun in the right hand. Draw the belt and the upper leg portion of the body. Draw different segments as shown. Now draw the lower leg guards. Draw the boots and then darken at the ankle. Now darken the complete gun with black color. You also have to darken with black color at the area below helmet, under arms, elbow, belt, knees and the fingers. Now apply grey color at the boots front and the chest. Erase all extra rough lines. Apply yellow color to the helmet glass, and green color to the whole suit. That’s it.

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