How To: Draw Mike From Monsters Inc on a computer

Draw Mike From Monsters Inc on a computer

This video from Drawing Now outlines how to draw Mike from Monsters, Inc. There is no audio in the video. To being, draw a tear-shaped oval with a rounded top. Draw a half moon that faces down, with the top of the rounded end of the "moon" touching the top of the tear shape. This will be the eyelid. Below the eyelid, draw a big circle for the iris, with a smaller circle inside it for the pupil. To start the arms and legs, add them in stick form. The arm has two segments and the hand and the legs also have two segments then the foot. The mouth at the bottom of the tear is shaped like a sideways lemon with a horizontal line to separate the mouth. At the bottom of the mouth, there are four white teeth, not sharp! The horizontal line in the mouth is actually the back of the mouth, as Mike's mouth is open to expose his bottom teeth. You can then add bulk to the arms, legs, hands and feet, and don't forget Mike has little claws on his fingers and toes. Mike also has little horns on the top sides of his head. Color Mike green and add shading for depth and interest. You now have your own Mike!

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