How To: Draw a monkey head with a colored marker

Draw a monkey head with a colored marker

Just follow these eight steps to draw the monkey head:

Step 1: First, we need to draw a big circle.

Step 2: Draw a semi-circle above the big circle, touching the big circle on the top.

Step 3: Draw the ear on each side touching both the small and the big circle, then put a cross mark inside the ear.

Step 4: Draw a triangular shaped nose at the top portion of the bigger circle.

Step 5: Draw a mouth below the nose.

Step 6: Now draw eyes inside the semi-circle by writing number 3 in such a manner that the open end of the number touches the bigger circle, then shade the inside of each eye to mark the eye balls.

Step 7: Now we need to draw hair on the semi-circle portion, the hairs can either be single or continuous depending upon the need.

Step 8: Finally draw the eyebrows on the top of the each eye.

Now the head of the monkey is ready.

This video is pretty cool and it gives us simple instructions about how to draw a monkey's head.

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