How To: Draw multiple 3D cylinders

Draw multiple 3D cylinders

Mark Kistler teaches you how to draw 3-D cylinders. Mark's how-to draw video teaches you how to draw in only 8 minutes a day. Even if you don't know anything about drawing, you'll learn with Mark's easy step-by-step instructions and guidance. All you need to get started is a pencil and paper, and you can follow along with this video. Mark shows you how a cylinder is drawn starting with just two dots and a "squished circle." He then takes you through the entire "sketching phase" of drawing cylinders until he has demonstrated how to draw three rows of overlapping 3-D cylinders. He also teaches you important drawing vocabulary such as "horizon line" and introduces you to art tools such as a paper stomp and a sketch book. After the basic sketch is done, Mark shows you how to shade the cylinders to make them look even more 3-dimensional. If you follow the easy steps in this video, you'll learn to draw in 3-D in no time!

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